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PIP Relocation

Levi relocates the pips on a playing card.

Joker Assistants

Levi performs a card routine using jokers as assistants.

A Ghostly Change of Deck

Levi does magic with Cohort Ghost Edition cards.

Justins Magic Corner with Levi Magic

Levi interviews with Justin Zell at the Steel City Improv Theater for their SOS Save Our SCIT Teleton. Magic and insight shared for a good cause.

Blue Card Through Red Deck at Called Number

Levi has a blue card selected. It is made to disappear, and reappears in a red deck at the number called by the spectator.

Controlling 52 by Color, with Joker Opener

Levi controls cards by color on spectator calls. Totally out of this world!

One to Ten

Levi flows through ten cards on the deck face.

Joker Transformation

Levi talks about what to do with the jokers in your pack.

Ace Production

Levi performs an ace production at a Burger Buckets table in Saint Augustine, Florida.

The Money In Cards

Levi demonstrates just how much money is spent when collecting cards.

I like big cookies. I cannot lie.

Levi likes big cookies and cannot lie.

Elevator Cards

Levi demonstrates cards elevating through the deck from different positions.

Happy Valentine's Day

Levi produces a rose from flames.

Anna DeGuzman presents 'Love Me' deck from Lucy

Levi gets a special Valentine's Day gift!

Bottom Ambitious with a Twist

Levi pushes a card through the deck and changes its color.

Aracoma Park Halloween Walkaround Magic

Levi does a few tricks at the Aracoma Park Halloween event.

Jack Black - One to Twenty

Levi produces a bill of a greater denomination.

Sam the Bellhop

Levi tells a story about the time he put a bellhop on the payroll.

Chasing Rabbits

Levi entertains at the Chasing Rabbits Spring Smokeout.

Smoke Change by Levi

Levi demonstrates a very visual color change with smoke.

Impossible Location by Levi (ILL)

Levi teleports a card into a new, difficult to open cigarette pack.

Linking Chains by Levi

Levi demonstrates a modern take on a classic with linking ball chains.

Tic-Tacs by Levi

Levi demonstrates Lloyd Barnes' Osiris Tic-Tac effect!

Binomial Probability Experiments

Levi shuffles a deck and pulls the ace of spades six times, post explaining the math of the impossible nature of the situation.

Vegas Money Doubler

Levi transforms a stack of nickels into dimes using a peephole cover borrowed from the hotel room door.

Color Changing Deck

Levi performs a color changing deck routine.

Graduation Party

Levi entertains a graduation party.

Card Melt

Levi magically melts one card through another.

Card Transposition Custom Card Introduction

Levi introduces custom cards with a transposition effect


Levi deals stacks and predicts a card.

Wiregram Reveal

Levi performs a wiregram reveal.

Monte Sonata

Two cards. Can you keep track of which is on top and which is on bottom?

Mental Photography

Levi demonstrates 'Mental Photography' and prints a black deck from blank cards.


Levi turns down a game of bingo and offers poker instead while flourishing cards.


Levi performs a pick-a-card trick. Was the card ever red?

Chaos and Order

Levi masterfully disrupts and reorders a deck.

Something In Those Hands

Levi gives a card control demonstration to an animated spectator.

Fist Bump

Levi makes a coin leave the spectator's fist and enter his own with a powerful fist bump.

Card Control

Levi calls the spectator's card then manipulates its position within the deck.


Levi performs levitation of a coin.


Levi guides the spectator through magically flipping a card over in a deck of cards.

Cards at the Pool

Levi performs a card control demonstration for a spectator relaxing at the pool.

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