Levi is a magician with a passion for card tricks and close-up illusions.

Joker Transformation

Levi talks about what to do with the jokers in your pack.

Ace Production

Levi performs an ace production at a Burger Buckets table in Saint Augustine, Florida.

The Money In Cards

Levi demonstrates just how much money is spent when collecting cards.

I like big cookies. I cannot lie.

Levi likes big cookies and cannot lie.

Elevator Cards

Levi demonstrates cards elevating through the deck from different positions.

Happy Valentine's Day

Levi produces a rose from flames.

Anna DeGuzman presents 'Love Me' deck from Lucy

Levi gets a special Valentine's Day gift!

Bottom Ambitious with a Twist

Levi pushes a card through the deck and changes its color.

Aracoma Park Halloween Walkaround Magic

Levi does a few tricks at the Aracoma Park Halloween event.

Jack Black - One to Twenty

Levi produces a bill of a greater denomination.

Sam the Bellhop

Levi tells a story about the time he put a bellhop on the payroll.

Chasing Rabbits

Levi entertains at the Chasing Rabbits Spring Smokeout.

Smoke Change by Levi

Levi demonstrates a very visual color change with smoke.

Impossible Location by Levi (ILL)

Levi teleports a card into a new, difficult to open cigarette pack.

Linking Chains by Levi

Levi demonstrates a modern take on a classic with linking ball chains.

Tic-Tacs by Levi

Levi demonstrates Lloyd Barnes' Osiris Tic-Tac effect!

Binomial Probability Experiments

Levi shuffles a deck and pulls the ace of spades six times, post explaining the math of the impossible nature of the situation.

Vegas Money Doubler

Levi transforms a stack of nickels into dimes using a peephole cover borrowed from the hotel room door.

Color Changing Deck

Levi performs a color changing deck routine.

Graduation Party

Levi entertains a graduation party.

Card Melt

Levi magically melts one card through another.

Card Transposition Custom Card Introduction

Levi introduces custom cards with a transposition effect


Levi deals stacks and predicts a card.

Wiregram Reveal

Levi performs a wiregram reveal.

Monte Sonata

Two cards. Can you keep track of which is on top and which is on bottom?

Mental Photography

Levi demonstrates 'Mental Photography' and prints a black deck from blank cards.


Levi turns down a game of bingo and offers poker instead while flourishing cards.


Levi performs a pick-a-card trick. Was the card ever red?

Chaos and Order

Levi masterfully disrupts and reorders a deck.

Something In Those Hands

Levi gives a card control demonstration to an animated spectator.

Fist Bump

Levi makes a coin leave the spectator's fist and enter his own with a powerful fist bump.

Card Control

Levi calls the spectator's card then manipulates its position within the deck.


Levi performs levitation of a coin.


Levi guides the spectator through magically flipping a card over in a deck of cards.

Cards at the Pool

Levi performs a card control demonstration for a spectator relaxing at the pool.

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