Levi Magic is a hobbyist magician with a passion for card tricks and close-up illusions.
All demonstrations are free of charge. Donations are forwarded to charitable causes.

Chaos and Order - Levi masterfully disrupts and reorders a deck.
Cards at the Pool - Levi performs a card control demonstration for a spectator relaxing at the pool.
Mentalism - Levi guides the spectator through magically flipping a card over in a deck of cards.
Levitation - Levi performs levitation of a coin.
Card Control - Levi calls the spectator's card then manipulates its position within the deck.
Fist Bump - Levi makes a coin leave the spectator's fist and enter his own with a powerful fist bump.
Something In Those Hands - Levi gives a card control demonstration to an animated spectator.
Vegas Money Doubler - Levi transforms a stack of nickels into dimes using a peephole cover borrowed from the hotel room door.

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